Tess Taylor And Alexis Neiers On Pretty Wild Photo Shoot

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When detectives investigating a rash of burglaries at the homes of young celebrities raided a Westlake Village house in October, they turned up a Marc Jacobs handbag reported stolen by the actress Rachel Bilson, a Chanel necklace reported missing by Lindsay Lohan and an E! channel camera crew filming a reality show.

Tess is a model who dates a “Who’s Who of Hollywood” and frequents the hottest celebrity hangouts. Lexi endures the paparazzi and a possible stalker after gaining fame following her arrest for her alleged role in the “bling ring” that broke into Orlando Bloom’s home. After being home-schooled, Gabby is now trying to live like a normal teenager — from getting her driver’s permit to her first date — while keeping the family grounded through Lexi’s legal troubles. Their mother, Andrea, is a wild-child turned model turned self-help enthusiast who gives her three children too much freedom to experience the temptations of Tinseltown.

Andrea Arlington, the mom, is a former model who has posed for Playboy.
Tess Taylor, 19, who is described by E! as the oldest sister, is reportedly not really Andrea Arlington’s daughter or the sibling of Alexis and Gabrielle. She is known as a party girl and works as a model.
Alexis Neiers, 18, is the family member who has made the most headlines. She was arrested on suspicion of burglarizing celebrity homes in a Hollywood burglary ring now known as the The Burglar Bunch.
Gabrielle “Gabby” Neiers, 15, is the little sister who hasn’t done anything scandalous — yet.

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