Vodafone Announces Unlimited iPad Data Plan

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vodafone is Telecommunication Company. It company has many tariff and other plan for the user of its company. This way, Vodafone has announced unlimited ipad data plan. There is an unlimited data access plan which will be available for A$ 49.95, or roughly the equivalent to $41 (US).

Vodafone’s other prepaid plans kick off at $10 for 250MB, $15 for 1GB and $30 for 4GB, all with a 30 day use-by period. All in all, this seems like a reasonable deal for the folks living down under.

Plans start at A$ 9.95 for 250 MBs of traffic per month, but only really start to make sense for a device like the iPad when they reach A$ 14.95 for 1GB of traffic per month.

Vodafone's Current Mobile Data Packs:

Vodafone Mobile Data Packs

Vodafone iPad plans

VHA announced plans for its Vodafone and Three brands yesterday, and for now they seem to be the clear winners.


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